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Return to Kinabalu

Read about the experience here: PRODUCTION DIARY
RTK Synopsis
Mt. Kinabalu is the most iconic natural wonder of Malaysia. Its sheer beauty and mystery has captured the imagination of thrill seekers and adventurers. Return to Kinabalu is a story of the Dusun people who live on the footsteps of the mountain. Through the action packed Mt. Kinabalu Climbathon and the yearly "Kakakapan id Gayo Ngaran" pilgrimage, we get to understand and appreciate the sacred bond between the people that live here and the mountain.

Find out about the origins of the Monolob, a traditional sacrifice to appease the spirits of Mt. Kinabalu.

Mt. Kinabalu with Kinabalu Park HQ in the foreground.

Martin Moguring, Kinabalu Park head Park Ranger posing with a nepentheses.

"Kakakapan id Gayo Ngaran". The pilgrimage conducted by the villagers of Bundu Tuhan & Kiau.

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